to Sep 21

Jaw Surgery - Out for a month

I'm eating ice cream and writing Jokes. No I didn't get beat up. No, seriously I didn't get beat up. Why would you think that? Yeah I talk a lot of shit. I'm a comic. Besides, nobody you know can beat me up. Yeah I said it. NOBODY!! I'm sorry I didn't mean to scream. I'm a little emotional because I can't do comedy for a month. Sorry, not sorry. Do you hear it. The microphones all over the nation weeping silently because I'll be gone. Okay maybe I'm going a little too far. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm that good. Yeah. You can go look at my videos until you feel like subscribing to my page. I'm pretty good. Alright I'm tired of writing. I'll get back to tearing up stages after I heal. Peace and Love. Was that too hipster?? No, couldn't of been I didn't use emojis. Question. Are you hipster if you use emojis?? Ahhhh


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